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Singer-songwriter Alicia Harvey Comes from Out of The Blue

Singer-songwriter Alicia Harvey is set to debut her self-titled EP on February 23, 2024. The EP will be introduced to the world with the release of the captivating single, “Out of The Blue.” The track, immersed in the authentic and unforced vibes of 90s country music, features guitar tones that evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, perfectly complementing Harvey’s musings on the memories of a fresh new love.

Harvey shared her inspiration behind “Out of The Blue,” stating, “I wanted to capture the exhilarating feeling of falling in love and the sense of possibility that comes with it. This song is a tribute to my own experience of love and the desire to hold on to that moment forever.” The single invites listeners on a journey, akin to taking a leisurely drive down a sunny coastal highway, with the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces.

The debut EP, produced by Harvey and Jacob Veal and recorded at VR Music Group in Maryville, Tennessee, features “Out of the Blue” as its second single, following the well-received “Losin'” currently streaming everywhere. Harvey collaborated with local musicians in Knoxville and enlisted friends from Nashville, giving them creative freedom to express themselves through the music.

Harvey developed a love for country music at a young age. “I listened to music from a very young age with my mom in the car. I started playing guitar at age 9, and eventually, after 15-20 years, I finally got the courage to start playing in public,” she explained.

She draws inspiration from influential female country artists like Patsy Cline, Patty Loveless, Terri Clark, Sara Evans, Ashley McBryde, and Lainey Wilson. Her original compositions cover a range of themes, from the boot-stomping honky-tonk crowd-pleaser “Losin'” to personal growth and loss in “A Better Me,” as well as the carefree joy of love in “Out of the Blue.” 

When asked if it is hard to relive the moments she draws from for her original songs, Harvey said, “I think it’s mostly therapeutic. In the beginning stages of the completed song “A Better Me,” it was very hard for me to sing as it was still very fresh — the passing of my mom. Now that several months have passed and I have sung it out in public more, it seems therapeutic now.”

In a career marked by significant moments, Harvey composed the touching song “A Little More Country” in 2016, inspired by a friend’s lyrics about the loss of her husband. This experience reignited Harvey’s passion for music, and she considers it one of the highlights of her career. In 2018, she participated in “The Voice Off” competition at the Wild Wing Café in Knoxville, earning the title of a semi-finalist. 

Looking back, she said if she could go back to when she was first starting out she would tell herself, “Hang in there. Don’t be scared. You can do this.” And she is doing this! Alicia Harvey stands out as an artist who embodies the best of the current country music landscape. Her debut self-titled EP will be available on all major distribution streaming platforms on February 23, 2024. Visit for more information and to pre-save the EP.

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