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Updated: Jun 14

November 2021 - Queer Artist Feature at

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Wow, has it already been 7 months?! Well folks, as with so many other things, our queer artist feature has gotten a bit sidetracked this year.

BUT with a fresh (and frosty!) spring in our step, we are excited to be jumping back into our monthly debuts.

Without further delay, let us present our November queer artist - country musician, Alicia Harvey!

Who is Alicia Harvey?

Alicia Harvey (she/her) is a country songwriter and musician based in Knoxville, TN. She's written original songs with titles from "You Didn’t Love Me" to "Gun Totin' Granny" and sings covers of Appalachia's favorite country hits.

AO: How did you get started as a musician?

Alicia: I was born in Nashville, TN and raised just north of it, living there almost my whole life. I started playing guitar and singing at the age of 9, but didn’t start performing gigs until after I moved to Knoxville and spent a few years observing. I started performing and participating in competitions around 2017.

AO: Who are your musical inspirations and favorite performers?

Alicia: Terri Clark, Ashley McBryde, Chely Wright, Patty Loveless, Clare Dunn. Any 80's and 90's country mostly.

AO: Has your queer identity influenced your performing, music choices, etc.?

Alicia: Not necessarily. I think it helps being out and open. Some of the upcoming country artists identify as part of the community and that makes it easier for me to be myself, I think.

AO: What themes do you pursue in your music?

Alicia: I'm not sure what themes, but I just love singing and playing country music and relating to everyday life with everyone.

AO: Who are some artists you’d most like to collaborate with if you could?

Alicia: Clare Dunn, Terri Clark, Ashley McBryde, Reba McEntire, just a few of my favorites in country music.

AO: What’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Alicia: I have several shows listed on my Facebook page! I will just continue to get my name and music out there and gain my following!

AO: Thank you for joining our artist feature and sharing your music with us! Best of luck with your future shows and songwriting!

You can read more about Alicia and her musical journey (and find some cool merch) at the links below!


Facebook: @aharveymusic

Instagram: @aharveymusic

Twitter: @aharveymusic

YouTube: Alicia Harvey

TikTok: @aharveymusic

Twitch: @aharveymusic

Merchandise: Alicia Harvey - Store

For more information on Appalachian OUTreach and what their organization does, please visit Thank you again for making Alicia the November 2021 artist of the month!!

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