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Alicia Harvey - Out Of The Blue - Darkus Magazine

By: Thushara Chandrasiri

Ever since I heard the news that Country music artist Alicia Harvey was bringing out a new single I was so excited. So praise the Lord that Out of The Blue is finally out there in the world - if I had to wait a second longer, I may have very well combust with all the excitement haha! 

Anyway back to the song. Out of The Blue has so much life and energy flowing into it. When I was younger I used to love so much country music, but listening to Alicia Harvey via this this song is making me fall in love with the genre all over again. Alicia has such a unique voice which just feels so inviting to listen to. Lyrically I love how this song is a combination of reflection and truth, and Alicia Harvey does a brilliant role in helping to elevate those factors even more through this song. 

It is a brand new day and a brand new month of 2024, so why not start the journey by listening to Out of The Blue right now!

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